What Is The National Flower of Cuba?

What Is The National Flower of Cuba?

White Gingeris the national flowerof Cuba. Hedychium coronariumis the scientific name of White Ginger and it is commonly known as Flor de Mariposa in Cuba. It is also known as White Mariposa.Flor de Mariposa belongs to Zingberaceae family. Its genus is Hedychium.

It is a native flower of India but it has become so common in Cuba that it has been chosen as the Cuban national flower.Cuba is well-known for so many things, but Cuba is the most popular for the availability of the gorgeous flower, The White mariposa. The breath-taking beauty of the flower, its antiquity which associates with the Spanish colonies made the white mariposa the national flower symbol of Cuba.

Facts about Cuba’s National Flower (White Ginger)

  • Common Name:  White Ginger, Flor de Mariposa, White Mariposa
  • Genus:  Hedychium
  • Species:  coronarium
  • Found in:  Cuba, India (Sikkim), Nepal, Bhutan,Myanmar, Thailand, southern China
  • Color:  White
  • Number of petals:  3
  • Time of blooming:  August and December
  • Purpose:  Ornamental
  • Uses:  Bridal bouquets, offerings to Saints and to the departed
  • Symbolism:  Purity, rebellion, independence

The White Mariposa is called butterfly because of its exceptional shape. White Mariposa grows on a single stem which reaches about 20 inches (50 cm) high which contains a flower having 3 petals of white color and a purple spot.These beautiful flowers are typically white, with an attractive perfume, although there are different varieties including yellow and salmon pink. This flower is very much abundant during the rainy season, and the tree can raise up to 6 feet tall.

This flower is very much common in Cuba and it adds to the Cuban beauty. It is frequently sold in the streets. It is also frequently used in bridal bouquets, and for offerings to Saints and to the departed. The White Mariposa is a flower of only 1 stem. During the Spanish empire, the women used to add to their beauty by the cologne of white mariposa lily.

At that time, women also used to safeguard secret and significant messages which related with national independence. The wild kinds of white mariposa is widely found on rainy mountains in Sierra del Rosario, Pinar del Rio Province, Escambray Mountains, and in Sierra Maestra. The cultivation of white mariposa harms the growth of other native plants.

That’s why it cannot be cultivated at any kind of land. The white mariposa needsparticular kind of land to be cultivated. It needs humidity and warmth. To sum up, the national flower of Cuba, White Mariposa symbolizes purity, rebellion, independence. Because of its beauty, abundance and fragrance it has become the national flower of Cuba.





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