What Is The National Flower of Japan?

What Is The National Flower of Japan?

Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Prunusserrulata is the scientific name of Cherry blossom and it is commonly known as Sakura in Japan. According to the popularity and tradition, the Yellow Chrysanthemum is considered the official national flower of Japan, but in the hearts of the Japanese people, Sakura is the national symbol of their country.

Cherry Blossom aka Sakurai’s regarded as the Japanese national flower officially because of its fame in the culture of Japan. Cherry blossom, Japan’s national flower symbol, symbolizes revitalization and optimism.

Facts About Japan’s National Flower (Cherry Blossom)

  • Common Name: Cherry blossom or Sakura (桜)
  • Genus: Prunus
  • Species: serrulata
  • Found in: Mount Fuji, Kinkaku-Ji, Nara
  • Color: White, pink, yellow, green
  • Number of petals: 5-100
  • Form of the tree: Triangular, columnar, V-shape, weeping, flat-topped
  • Time of blooming: Mid-March to Mid-April
  • Purpose: Ornamental tree
  • Symbolism: Life, Death, Renewal, and Hope

Size And Description

Cherry blossom season typically lasts almost a month. Sakura trees usually live for thirty to forty years and each tree may possibly flower for about a week in the Cherry blossom season. Average Japanese cherry trees are around 25 feet tall. There are several beautiful spots to see the national flower, cherry blossom in Japan, such as the Kinkaku-Ji, or Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto. There are over two hundred different varieties of cherry blossom in Japan.

“Some Yoshino” is the most popular of them all. Its white-colored flowers have a very little hint of pink and they typically do not last more than a week. Nara Park is another spectacular place to see Japanese national flowers. The park holds 1,700 beautiful Sakura trees. During cherry blossom season people have picnics underneath the cherry trees. This is called “flower viewing” or “hanami”.This flower viewing custom dates back many centuries. Hanami is celebrated with zest, music, food, and sake.

The Japanese parks become alive with the sound of people celebrating Hanami. The people of Japan celebrate the blossoming of the cherry blossom as a symbol of the transitory beauty of life itself. The Japanese are so devoted to their national flower, a cherry blossom that they have made it into ice cream. In Japan, even McDonald’s celebrate the cherry blossom season. Sakura can be consumed as mochi which is a sweet rice cake in Japan filled with strained pink and red bean curd.

Cherry Blossom Flower

A leaf of sakura is draped around the dessert as a delicate finishing touch. Cherry blossoms can be pickled too and put in hot water to make a cherry blossom tea drink which is called “sakurayu”. Sakurayu is often taken at wedding ceremonies instead of green tea. Sakura blossoms are a predominant symbol in “Irezumi”, the traditional art of Japanese tattoos.

An image of the flower can be found on the Japanese 100 yen coin. Because of this huge popularity Cherry blossom, naturally, is considered a national flower of Japan. To sum up, the Cherry blossom is the people’s favorite national flower of Japan. Although it is an unofficial national symbol of Japan, it outstandingly represents and glorifies the spirit of Japanese culture.


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