What Is the National Flower of Myanmar?

What Is the National Flower of Myanmar?

Burmese Rosewood flower is the national flower of Myanmar. The scientific name of Burmese Rosewood flower is Pterocarpusmacrocarpus. Common names of the national flower of Mayanmarare ‘Cibicibi Sang Dragon’ in English, ‘Padauk or Padouk’ in Myanmar and ‘Narra’ in philipino. It comes from Fabaceaefamilly. The people of Myanmar believes that the ‘Padauk or Padouk’ tree is the symbol of their strength and the flower symbolizes their love, romance and youth.

In April the flower decorates the trees by blossoming with great yellow color and spreading aromatic scent at the time of New Year’s celebration. Furniture and wooden structure are made from ‘Padauk or Padouk’ tree. Both the tree and flower plays a vital role to strengthen Myanmar’s economy. It also represents the state with the sign of strength, love, youth and romance. This is why the Burmese Rosewood flower was titled as the National flower symbol of Myanmar.

Facts about Myanmar’s National Flower: Burmese Rosewood flower

  • Common Name: Burmese Rosewood, Padauk or Padouk
  • Genus:  Pterocarpus
  • Species:  macrocarpus
  • Found in:  All over Myanmar and native to Southern asia, northern Australia,western Pacific Ocean Islands.
  • Color:  Yellow
  • Number of petals:  5
  • Leaflets:  9-11
  • Seeds:  2-3
  • Size of the tree:  10-30 m
  • Time of blooming:  April
  • Purpose:  Ornamental, herbal
  • Symbolism:  Strength, love, youth and romance

Burmese Rosewood flower is the favorite national flower symbol of the Myanmar’s people. It grows all over the country of Myanmar and it is native to South Asia, North Australia, South China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Solomon Island, Papua New Guinea and Western Pacific Ocean. There arevarious species of this flowers. It grows in well-drained soils with salt and fertile loamy preferably rainforest area. It is an ornamental tree that beautifies roads, gardens homes etc. Surprisingly it is a one day’s flower.

This hurts a flower lover but does not betray him. All the flowersdo not bloom on the same day. After one day of blooming the petals of the flowers wither slowly and gathered on the green grassy field under the tree. It’s also becomesa heavenly scene for the flower lovers. Nobody can overlooking this beauty. The flower is used as a source of honey and the leaf brews are used as shampoos. Both flowers and leaves are consumed. The leaves are good for polishing brass and copper. It is also a great source of resin.In traditional medicine, it is used to fight tumors.

To sum up, the Burmese Rosewood flower is the most attractive flower in Myanmar. It is the symbol of strength, love, youth and romance. People of Myanmarhave reasonably selectedit as the National Flower of Myanmar.


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