Who Are The National Heroes of Denmark?

Who Are The National Heroes of Denmark?

Denmark Has no official National Hero. Niels Ebbesen Consider As The National Hero of Denmark. “He is said to dwell in the castle of Kronborg, his beard grown down to the floor, to sleep there until some date when Denmark is in mortal danger, at which time he will rise up and deliver the Nation.

” During the following rebellion, Niels Ebbesen played a main role in the resistance but he was killed the same year during a fight against the Germans.

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    It is not Niels Ebbesen who sits in Kronborg, but “Holger the Dane”, a mythical hereo, who is said to wake up and come to the aid of Denmark when needed.
    Niels Ebbesen was a Jutland squire, who is known for his assassination in 1340 of the German count Gerhard who was ruling Denmark at the time. A statue of Niels Ebbesen stands in the town square of Randers in Jutland.



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