6 Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit In Delaware

6 Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit In Delaware

The state of Delaware may be small but it is a great option for a vacation. It features plenty of history, culture, and nature and a beautiful coastline. Its beaches are sunny and perfect during the summertime. Its parks are stunning all year round.

The state has history, beaches, family fun, amazing craft beers, and all the Mid-Atlantic coastal charm you could want.

Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit In Delaware

1. Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is both the city name and the actual stretch of coastal land nestled on the Atlantic. It is one of the most popular destinations in the state, and with good reason. It has always been a town that invited visitors to enjoy its beaches and ample sunshine during the summer.

2. Hagley Museum and Library

The Hagley Museum and Library is the first du Pont family home, Eleutherian Mills, built by E. I. du Pont in 1803. It comprises the original gunpowder mills, the estate itself, and its extensive gardens. Built in the early 19th century, it’s a wonderful example of cultural taste at that time. The library itself focuses on innovative American business and technology.

3. Cape May-Lewes Ferry

Cape May-Lewes Ferry connects Cape May, New Jersey with Lewes, Delaware. Aboard the ferry and cruise through some of the most picturesque lighthouses, harbors, some dolphins, and exotic seabirds. Tourists can check out the Mid-Atlantic Centre for the Arts, the county zoo, or a wine tasting trail While in Cape May.

4. Delaware City

Delaware city is filled with various attractions. The City is sure to keep guests entertained, especially if they pay a visit to Fort DuPont State Park. The park itself is located in the city and it was used as a military base starting during the Civil War up until World War II.

5. Air Mobility Command Museum

Air Mobility Command Museum is full of history, design, and maintenance of military aircraft. It is home to vintage planes dating from 1941. A number of large aircraft, including a C-141B Starlifter, C133 Cargomaster, C130 Hercules is displayed in the Museum.

6. Brandywine Zoo

Brandywine Zoo is open as early as 1905. It is one of the smaller zoos in the state. Brandywine creates a fun, enriching experience to marvel at exhibits and animal enclosures that spark wonder within 4.7 acres. From mammals, to birds, to reptiles and invertebrates, Brandywine zoo has a little bit of everything.

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