National Flag Of Somalia

National Flag Of Somalia

Somalia Adopted a light blue National flag in honor of the United Nations Organisation that had controlled the country until independence. Somalia gained independence In 1960 and united with former British Somaliland. The Flag Of Somalia Was Adopted On October 12, 1954, And was Designed by Mohammed Awale Liban. The Somalia National Flag is one colored field with a star. The used colors in the flag are blue, white.


Meaning of the Flag

Somalia has a very simple national flag design, but it has significance in its basic design. The primary feature of the National Flag Of Somalia is the five-pointed star in the center. This star is known as the Star of Unity. The Star on the flag has 5 points – one for each branch of the Somalis: Issas of Djibouti, Somalis of Ethiopia, Issaks of Somaliland, Somalis of old Italian Somalia and the Somalis of North Kenya.

The five points of the star on the Somalia National Flag simply represents the previous colonial area where the mostly Somali speaking people live and lived. The blue color was inspired by the flag of the United Nations, which helped the nation transition to independence. However, in more recent years, this color of blue on the Flag Of Somalia is said to symbolize the surrounding Indian Ocean and the blue sky above.


History Of The Flag

The first Somalia National Flag flown in a large area that was to become Somalia were the flags of the Adal Sultanate between 900 and 1559. They were all either red or white with a crescent moon. Between 1559 and 1867 the Ottoman Empire ruled a North-Western region of Somalia called Zaila. The Flag Of Somalia was a plain red field with a yellow crescent moon. In 1903 North Western Somalia became a British Protectorate called British Somaliland.

A blue British Ensign was adopted as the flag. After World War Two ended Italian East Africa became United Nations Trust Territory and the modern daylight blue field with a white five-pointed star at the center was adopted. When the country finally became independent in 1960 the flag remained the same.


Some Information About Flag:

In Which Year, The National Flag Is Adopted?
Ans: On October 12, 1954

What Are The Colours of The Flag?
Ans: Blue, White

What Do The Colours of The Flag Means?
Ans: The blue color was inspired by the flag of the United Nations, which helped the nation transition to independence.

Who Is The Designer of The Flag?
Ans: Mohammed Awale Liban

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