Map of USA | Physical Map of USA

Map of USA | Physical Map of USA

Map of USA | Physical Map of USA is the Map of United States of America. You can also free download United States of America Map images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop. Click Printable Large Map

The United States is a vast and diverse country, with a wide variety of physical features. In the east, the Appalachian Mountains run from Maine to Georgia, forming a barrier between the Atlantic coast and the interior of the country. The Great Lakes, the largest system of freshwater lakes in the world, lie along the northern border of the United States. The Mississippi River, the longest river in North America, winds its way through the central part of the country, emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. The Rocky Mountains, the highest mountain range in North America, dominate the western landscape. The Pacific Coast Ranges, including the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range, run along the western edge of the country.

The Map of USA shares land borders with Canada and Mexico and maritime borders with Russia, Cuba, the Bahamas, and other countries. The United States and Canada’s land border is the world’s longest international border. It has a total area of 8,891 kilometers (5,525 mi), of which 2,475 kilometers (1,538 mi) is the border of Alaska with British Columbia and Yukon. Mexico–United States border has a total length of 3,145 kilometers (1,954 mi).

Quick Physical Facts

  • Official Name: United States of America
  • Capital City: Washington, DC
  • Land Area: 9,147,593 km2
  • Water Area: 685,924 km2
  • Total Area: 9,833,517 km2
  • Total Border: 12,048 km
  • Coastline: 19,924 km
  • Population Density: 32.95 / km2
  • Bordering Countries: Canada 8893 km (including 2477 km with Alaska), Mexico 3155 km
  • Highest Elevation: 6,190 m (Denali)
  • Lowest Elevation: -86 m (Death Valley)
  • Largest Cities: New York City (8,175,133), Los Angeles (3,792,621), Chicago (2,695,598), Brooklyn (2,300,664), Borough of Queens (2,272,771)

Major Physical Features of the United States

The Physical Map of the USA Show the Physical landscape And Rivers And Mountains of the United States. Some of our unique features are the Grand Canyon, the Florida Everglades, and Death Valley in California’s the Mojave Desert. Listed below are some of the important physical features of the United States.

Mountain Ranges

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Appalachian Mountains
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Cascade Range
  • Columbia Mountains
  • Klamath Mountains
  • Salmon River Mountains
  • Black Hills
  • Adirondack Mountains
  • Front Range
  • Ouachita Mountains

1. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are a major mountain range in western North America. This mountain range is the second largest in the world and the longest in the United States. It contains some of the highest peaks found in North America, the absolute highest peak is not found here.

2. the Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains run northeast from Alabama up through coastal states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. The highest point of the Appalachians is 6,684 feet at Mount Mitchell. Some other ranges within the Appalachians include the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Green Mountains, White Mountains.

3. The Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada mountain range is characterized by breathtaking caverns, flowers, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and granite formations, all adding to its scenic beauty. It is around 400 miles long and 70 miles wide. The highest point in the Mountains is Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet. It is the home of Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe, which is described as having cobalt blue waters that reflect the sky.


Plains And Plateaus

  • Great Plains
  • Columbia Plateau
  • Colorado Plateau
  • Ozark Plateau
  • Edwards Plateau
  • Coastal Plains

1. Great Plains

Great Plains, also called the Great American Desert is the major region of the Physical Map of the USA. It has a total length of some 3,000 miles (4,800 km), its width from 300 to 700 miles, and its area approximately 1,125,000 square miles (2,900,000 square km). The Great Plains span the central corridor of the country, made up of flatland covered with prairies and grasslands.

2. Columbia Plateau

Columbia Plateau is Located in the northwestern United States. It is a high, raised stretch of land between the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains. It runs across parts of the U.S. states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.


  • Great Lakes
  • Finger Lakes
  • Great Salt Lake
  • Crater Lake
  • Lake Tahoe

1. Great Lakes

The Great Lakes is a Series of lakes which includes the five largest lakes in the United States: Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. They are located in the northern Midwest along the border between the United States and Canada. All Great Lakes Combined Create the largest collection of freshwater lakes in the world. They cover over 94,000 square miles of surface area and have 11,000 miles of shoreline.

2. Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of the U.S. state of Utah. It is the largest lake in the United State that is not part of the Great Lakes. It covers a total area of 1,700 square miles. The Jordan, Weber, and Bear rivers are the three major tributaries to the lake. It is even saltier than the ocean.

Top 5 Largest Lakes by Area in the United States

  1. The Lake Superior – 31,700 sq. miles
  2. Lake Huron – 23,000 sq. miles
  3. The Lake Michigan – 22,300 sq. miles
  4. Lake Erie – 9,910 sq. miles
  5. Lake Ontario – 7,340 sq. miles


1. The Missouri River

The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States at 2,540 miles long. Together with the Mississippi River, it forms the fourth largest river system in the world. The Map of this River begins in Western Montana and flows to the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.

2. The Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the 2nd longest river in North America. It has a total length of 2,339 miles (3,765 km) from its source to the sea. It starts flowing in the state of Minnesota and flows south to the Gulf of Mexico.

Top 10 US Rivers by Length

  1. Missouri: 2,540 miles
  2. Mississippi: 2,340 miles
  3. Yukon: 1,980 miles
  4. Rio Grande: 1,900 miles
  5. St. Lawrence: 1,900 miles
  6. Arkansas: 1,460 miles
  7. Colorado: 1,450 miles
  8. Atchafalaya: 1,420 miles
  9. Ohio: 1,310 miles
  10. Red: 1,290 miles

* The source for the length of the rivers in this article is the USGS.

✅US Physical Map With Rivers and Mountains

A physical map is one that documents landscape features like mountains, rivers, and lakes. The three major mountain ranges in the United States are the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and the Appalachian Mountains.

✅Physical Map of USA and Canada

The geography of the United States has a lot of variety. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and islands. There are 50 states and 5 major territories in the United States.