United States Physical Map

United States Physical Map

United States Physical Map is the Map of United States of America. You can also free download United States of America Map images HD Wallpapers for use desktop and laptop. Click Printable Large Map

This United States Physical Map shows the terrain of all 50 states of the USA. Higher elevation is shown in brown identifying mountain ranges such as the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lower elevations are indicated throughout the southeast of the country, as well as along the Eastern Seaboard.

The Mississippi, Missouri, Colorado, Arkansas, and Columbia are the Major rivers in the country. Large lakes include the Great Lakes system consisting of Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario.

The US Physical Map is a very diverse place politically and physically ranging from forest to desert and from plains to The Rocky Mountains. Although most of the USA’s land is forested, a significant percentage is a desert; Mainly in the MidWest and parts of Alaska. Nevertheless, the USA is probably the most geographically diverse country in the world.


Some Major Physical Features Of USA:

1. One of the major physical features of the US is the Rocky Mountains. It stretches some 3,000 miles from British Columbia and Alberta in Canada through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and down to New Mexico in the U.S.

2. In the eastern United States, the 1,500-mile-long Appalachian Mountains extend from Alabama into Canada. An overall lower range than the Rockies, summits in the Appalachians range from 2,000 to over 6,000 feet; the highest peak in the chain is Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina, which rises to 6,684 feet.

3. The Mississippi River begins in Minnesota and flows southward for nearly 2,340 miles, finally dumping its contents into the Gulf of Mexico south of New Orleans, Louisiana. Together with its tributaries, it is the largest river system on the continent and the third-largest in the world, draining an area of approximately 1.2 million square miles.