State Motto of Nebraska

State Motto of Nebraska

The Official State Motto of Nebraska is “Equality before the law.” Nebraska State Motto is not an official Motto but it is accepted as an element of Nebraska official seal. The National Motto of Nebraska “Equality Before the Law” is appears on the state flag and the great seal. The Nebraska Constitution provides for a state seal that is to be kept by the secretary of state. Also used by him or her officially as directed by law. The State Motto of Nebraska encapsulates the belief that every individual has an irrefutable right to freedom and equality irrelevant to status and religious convictions. The National Motto of Nebraska ‘Equality Before the Law’ Was adopted in 1867.



Nebraska State NICKNAMES


“The Cornhusker State”

This Nickname was officially accepted in 1945 and has remained the state nickname ever since. It was adopted in honor of the University of Nebraska’s athletic teams and refers to the process by which corn is stripped of its leaves by hand during harvest.



The nickname “Squatters” refers to the report that many Nebraska settlers didn’t wait for the surveyors before they moved onto their claims.


“The Bugeater State,”

“The Bugeater State” nickname refers to the 1870s. It was the time when Nebraska was invaded by swarms of grasshoppers that destroyed crops and caused considerable damage.


“The Tree Planter State,” 

“The Tree Planter State” was the first official nickname for Nebraska state. It dates to 1895 and refers to the fact that the state is the originator of Arbor Day. 


“The Beef State”

Although the nickname “The Beef State” appeared on the state’s license plates from 1956 until 1965, it was never officially recognized as a state nickname. It refers to the state’s beef industry that is supported by the abundant corn industry.

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