United States Time Zone Map | USA Time Zone

United States Time Zone Map | USA Time Zone

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Tuesday 21st of May 2024 09 : 41 : 19 pm

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Time : Tuesday 21st of May 2024 09 : 41 : 19 pm

Standard time zone offset : -4 UTC

Sunrise time : 06:22

Sunset time : 20:43

Yesterday time : Tuesday 21st May (2024-05-21)

Today time : Wednesday 22nd May (2024-05-22)

Tomorrow time : Thursday 23rd May (2024-05-23)

The current week number 21 There are 52 weeks in a year.. Wednesday May 2024

Tuesday 21st of May 2024 09:41:19pm Current week starts from 2024-05-20 to 2024-05-26

There is a 9-time zone in the United States and its dependencies. All-time zone boundaries and DST observance are looked after by the Department of Transportation. Daylight Saving Time (DST) begins at 2:00 a.m. local time on the second Sunday in March. It moves the clocks forward one hour for making better use of daylight. On the first Sunday in November areas on Daylight Saving Time return to Standard Time at 2:00 a.m. 2021 time zone map.

The Time Zones Name Are:

  • Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (HADT): UTC-10
  • Alaska Time Zone (AKT): UTC-9
  • Pacific Time Zone (PT): UTC-8
  • Mountain Time Zone (MT): UTC-7
  • Central Time Zone (CT): UTC-6
  • Eastern Time Zone (ET): UTC-5

Time Zones in the US

1. Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone

These two areas do not use daylight saving time. The time zone observes Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST), which is obtained by subtracting 10 hours from UTC (UTC-10:00). Honolulu, Hilo, and Kapaa are Some of the major metropolitan areas under this time zone.

2. Eastern Time Zone

The Eastern Time Zone (ET) is used by the 22 states in the eastern United States. It is 5 hours behind UTC.

3. Central Time Zone

Nine states used the Central Time Zone (CT) in the US and the Canadian province of Manitoba, and most of Mexico. It is observed by subtracting six hours from UTC (UTC-06:00).

4. Pacific Time Zone

The Pacific Time Zone (PT) is used by the western states of the US and western Mexico, western Canada. The standard time within this zone is observed by subtracting 8 hours from UTC (UTC-8). During DST, an offsite time of UTC-7 is used.

5. Mountain Time Zone

Five states, namely Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, are used the Mountain Time Zone. It is 7 hours from UTC (UTC-07:00) and 6 hours from DST (UTC-06:00).

6. Alaska Time Zone

Almost the entire state of Alaska used the Alaska Time Zone. SIt is 9 hours from UTC (UTC-09:00) and 8 hours during DST (UTC-08:00). The clock time in the Alaska Time Zone is based on the mean solar time at 135 degrees west of Greenwich Observatory.

✅Time Zone Map USA

There are six designated US time zones and there are four time zones in the contiguous USA. The Aleutian Islands, a spur of Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean are 3750 km (2330 mi) apart but lie at similar longitudes.

✅Why USA Have Different Time Zones?

The expansion of transport and communication during the 19th century created a need for a unified time-keeping system, and time zones were introduced.