What Is The National Flower of United States?

What Is The National Flower of United States?

The Rose Is The official National flower of the United States of America. It Is Officially Adopted In 1986. The Rose is a symbol of love and beauty. All 50 states have also adopted Rose As an official state flower, including the rose in New York, Oklahoma rose in Oklahoma, the Cherokee rose in Georgia, and the wild prairie rose in Iowa and North Dakota. The rose has been around for about 35 million years. Roses Can Be red, pink, white, or yellow.

Facts About National Flower of United States [Rose]

  • Common Name:  Red Rose
  • Genus:  Rosa
  • Species:  R. Rugosa
  • Found in:  All over US
  • Color:  Blue, White, Pink, Red, Purple and yellow
  • Number of petals:  5
  • Number of Sepals:  5
  • Period of blooming:  All around the year, mostly in summer to early winter
  • Purpose:  Decoration, Food, and herbal value
  • Symbolism:  love & beauty, honor, faith, devotion, passion, and sensuality


Red Rose grows in full sun to part shade, in humus-rich, well-drains, and moist soil. Its dense stems are covered in prickles. The leaves are pinnately compound with 5 to 9 leaflets with a corrugated surface. The National Flower of United States of America– Red Rose is a distinguished and significantly most beloved flower in the universe.

Rose has more than 100 different species, which lion part is growing in Asia. The rest of the part originated from Europe, North America, and Africa. Due to the commercial breeding in present Rose are available all over the world. As the Rose cultivation started in 500 years BC the variety of Roses reach more than 13000.


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