What Is National Historical Places of Brazil?

What Is National Historical Places of Brazil?

The historical places of Brazil offer a glimpse into the country’s rich ancient culture and traditions and take you back in time. Some Great Historical Place of Brazil:

  1.  Christ the Redeemer
    The world’s second largest statue of Jesus Christ sits on top of a 2,300-foot high hill on Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro’s Tijuca Forest National Park.

The French government constructed and installed the sculpture in 1931, according to Concierge.com.They carved the statue from concrete and covered it with sandstone, native to Brazil to reduce weathering. Visible from almost any point in Rio, it stands 125 feet tall and has an arm span of over 90 feet.
2.  Axis Monumental– The park is near the center of Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil. The obelisk in Sao                       Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park is a symbol that commemorates the revolution of 1932. Construction of the 22-foot                  tall travertine marble monument began in1947.
3. Paraty- Paraty is a fascinating old colonial town from 17th century, located 125 miles from Rio de Janeiro on               Ilha Grande Bay, which is the southeastern coast of Brazil.


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