Who Are The National Heroes of Brazil?

The National heroes of Brazil are distinguished personalities noted for their contribution and sacrifices in the fight for the country’s independence and freedom.

Through their devotion and sacrifices for their country, these heroes are the role models for the present and future generations. National Heroes of Brazil:

1. Luis Alves de Lima e Silva, Duke of Caxias- Luis Alves de Lima e Silva was one of the most important military heroes of Brazil who fought in a number of wars namely- the Argentina-Brazil War, the War of Tatters, and most notably, in the War of Triple
2. Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier- Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier led the first organized movement to drive out the Portuguese.
3. Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva- Jose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva was Statesman of Brazil born in Santos, Sao Paulo who actively participated in the Brazilian independence movement as D. Pedro l’s counselor.


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