What is the Idaho State Bird?

What is the Idaho State Bird?

The wonderful peregrine falcon was titled as the official state raptor of Idaho in 2004. The Peregrine Falcon is known as the quickest animal in the world in its hunting dive or stoop. The peregrine falcon flies to a great altitude and then plunges sharply at speeds of up to 200 mph. It hits one of the wings of its victim to immobilize it and not harm itself on impact. Large eagles and owls are the main enemies of Peregrine Falcon. Peregrines mate for life. Peregrines feed almost entirely on medium-sized birds. They hunt small mammals too occasionally. The peregrine falcon touches sexual prime at one year and initiates breeding at the age of 2 to 3 years. Their average lifespan is 13 years.

State Bird of Idaho Facts —

  • Common name:  Peregrine falcon
  • Scientific name:  Falco peregrinus
  • Habitat:  In North America, they breed in open landscapes with cliffs for nest sites. They can be found in almost any open habitat along barrier islands, mudflats, coastlines, lake edges and mountain chain
  • Diet:  Mostly eat birds like shorebirds, ptarmigan, ducks, gulls, pigeons etc.
  • Song and Calls:  Alarm call is a loud series of harsh “kak, kak, kak”.
  • Weight:  530-1600 g
  • Length:  36-49 cm
  • Wingspan:  100-110 cm
  • Average lifespan:  13 years
  • Incubation period:  29-32 days

The Idaho’s state raptor Peregrine Falcon is actually a raptor. Raptor means bird of prey or hunter bird. Grownups have blue-gray colored wings. They also have dark brown rears, a healthy colored bottom with brown colored spots, and white faces. The faces have a black slitline on their cheeks. They have curved beaks and sturdy talons. The origin of their name isfrom the Latin word peregrinus. It means “to wander.” They are usuallycalled the Duck Hawk. Peregrine falcons flies the fastest. They are capable of diving at two-hundred miles per hour.

The Peregrine Falcon flies really fast.They average 25-34 mph in roaming flight. They can reach up to 69 mph in direct chase of prey. During its remarkable hunting stoop from altitudes of over 1 km, the peregrine can reach speeds of 200 mph as it descents toward its prey.Falcons are trained by people for hunting for over a 1000 years. The state raptor of Idaho Peregrine Falcons were always one of the most valued birds. Struggles to raise the Peregrine in imprisonment and reinventinhabitantsworn-out during the DDT years. The Peregrine Falcon is one of the most well-known birds in the world. It is found on all regions except Antarctica, and also on numerous oceanic islands. Their average lifespan is 13 years. The oldest documented Peregrine Falcon was at least 19 years, 9 months old.

Peregrines don’t construct nests. They typically just find a lighthollow in some rocks or in the soil on the ledge of a cliff. They also use the niche of a building. Female peregrines lay two to four eggs at a time. Parents nurture the eggs for about a month until the eggs hatch. Peregrine chicks stay in the home nest for up to six weeks. They learn to fly by this time.

Peregrine falcons in the United States were listed as ararekind after their numbers fell dangerously low between the 1950s and the 1970s. Laws were passed to ban DDT and the ban, accompanied by other protection efforts led to the salvation of the Peregrine. The law designating the Peregrine Falcon as the official Idaho state raptor is from Section 67-4512 (STATE RAPTOR DESIGNATED) of the Idaho Statutes, Title 67 (STATE GOVERNMENT AND STATE AFFAIRS) Chapter 45 (STATE SYMBOLS) Section 67-4512.





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