What is the state horse of Idaho?

What is the state horse of Idaho?

The Appaloosa is the state horse of Idaho. Equus ferus caballus is the scientific name of the Appaloosa. The Appaloosa was adopted as the official state horse of Idaho on March 25, 1975. The Appaloosa horse is famed for its intelligence, speed, stamina, and staying power, which is an outstanding stock and show horse of great popularity. The law entitling the Appaloosa horse as the official Idaho’s state horse is found in the Idaho Statutes, Title 67, Chapter 45, and Section 67-4506.

State Horse of Idaho facts—

  • Common name: The Appaloosa
  • Scientific name: Equus ferus caballus
  • Height: 16 hands (The height of a horse is measured in hands, 1 hand being the same as 10cm or 4 inches).
  • Weight: 1,000-1,200 pounds
  • Color: Black, gray, dark brown, light tan or reddish brown. And have patterns like spots, solid white patches on different parts of their body called blankets, and blankets with spots.
  • Diet: The Appaloosa Horses are also herbivores like other horses and love to eat short, juicy grass. They also eat hay especially in the winter or when they are kept in a stable. Barley, oats, maize, chaff, bran or processed pony nuts also well feed for working horses.
  • Major strength: Agility, speed and spirit
  • Major weakness: None
  • Life span: 20 – 30 years.

Idaho state horse, The Appaloosa horses almost certainly arrived in USA with the Spaniards in the 16th Century, and they ultimately reached Northern America; the Nez Perce Indian tribe began to breed them. Before smear out by the U.S. Army, the Nez Perce breeds the Appaloosa horse. It was developed in Oregon State for the period of the 18th Century by Nez Perce people. After their wiping out the breed was invigorated as soon as the Appaloosa Horse Club was founded in 1938.

State horse of Idaho, The Appaloosa is hot-blooded horse. Outside of the track, The Appaloosa is an intelligent, fast and hard working breed, which was the warhorses of the Nez Perce once upon a time but presently it serves as a racehorse, in parades, ranch work and youth programs. Today there are three main breeds that are allowed for outcrosses by the Appaloosa Horse Club; the Arabian, the Quarter Horse, and the Thoroughbred. Currently, the Appaloosa is one of the most popular breeding horses in the United States.

Idaho state horse, The Appaloosa have different names for both male and female such as the adult female is called a mare, and a young female is called a filly while adult male is a stallion, and a young male is a colt. Whereas the horse babies of either sex are called as foal. According to the Oklahoma State University, it is believed that horses were first domesticated in Asia between 3000 and 4000 B.C. Back then, horses were used mostly for milk and meat. Eventually, horses joined oxen as a form of Horse transportation.



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