What is the National Animal of Algeria?

What is the National Animal of Algeria?

The Fennec Fox is the national animal of Algeria.The fennec fox comes from Africa and Asia. They are found throughout the Sahara desert between Morocco, Egypt, Niger, the Sinai Peninsula and Kuwait. Vulpeszerda is the scientific name of The Fennec Fox. The nickname of Algerian national football team is Les Fennecs, which was influenced by the Algerian national animal. The Fennec Fox is classified as ‘Data Deficient’ by the IUCN. Due to none harming to the human interest, unlike other foxes, it is not threatened with extinction. However, it is hunted for fur by people of the Sahara and Sinai and, they also

suffer from habitat loss like many other animals.NationalAnimal of Algeria Facts—

  • Common Name:  The Fennec Fox
  • Scientific Name:  Vulpeszerda
  • Color:  Creamy
  • Height:  20 cm
  • Weight:  0.68-1.59 kg
  • Length:  24-41 cm
  • Diet:  insects, birds, small mammals, plants, eggs
  • Cubs:  Between 2-5
  • Major strength:  Survivalist
  • Major weakness:  Raptors
  • Lifespan:  12-16 years

Algerian national animal, Fennec Fox is also known as the ‘desert fox’. It hasexcessively large ears, skewed eyes and pointed nose. It looks very attractive. The fennec is the world’s tiniest canid species. They are well adjusted to survive in the world’s most harsh environment which is its habitat.Raptors are the fennec’s main hazards to survival.The huge ears allow it to senseits prey, even though the prey is in the underground level.

Algerian national animal, the fennec fox feeds mainly on insects, birds and small mammals, but it will eat plants and eggs too. A fennec can live for a long time without drinking water. Typically, they are of creamy color. They have fluffy fur and they weigh between 0.68 and 1.59 kg, the fennec is about 20 cm tall at the shoulder. Its body length is between 24 and 41 cm. Its black-tipped tail can be up to 31 cm long and its ears measure between 10 and 15 cm. Thick fur can be noticed as the soles of the fennec’s feet. It is used as a guard against the heat of the desert sand.

National animal of Algeria, Fennec Foxes are nocturnal animals.Fennec foxes mate for life and they live as a family unit, with older brother and sister foxes still living with the pack. The breeding season of Fennec fox is generally between January and March. Generally, two or five pupsare born after a fifty-two day development period.Fennec Fox are cute and social animals. Fennec Foxes dwell in the sandy Sahara Desert and other semi-arid regions of North Africa. They can dig with great pace and build sophisticated burrows which interconnect forming a homely underground neighborhood. Burrows are wrinkled with spongy materials such as bits of fur and feathers, which make them comfortable.

The National animal of Algeria, Fennec Fox has unusual behaviours compared to other foxes. The foxes are normally solitary creatures, but they can also forms groups. These little communities consist of approximately 10 individuals. Males are territorial and mark their boundaries with urine. When the mating season approaches, the males also become aggressive with each other. Fennec Foxes are gregarious animals that mate for life and each pair or family has its own territory.


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