What Is The National Flower of Nepal?

What Is The National Flower of Nepal?

Red Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal. RhododendronFerrugineum is the scientific name of Rhododendron.The national flower of Nepal Rhododendron is commonly known as LaliGurans in Nepali. When a state body selects a symbol for the state it should represent extra ordinary design, quality, expression cultural, traditional and religious background, which go back thousands of years for its popularities.

According to the record, in 1901, the then outgoing Governor George Atkinson admiring the eye-catching flowering plant said,“ I know none more beautiful than Rhododendron” and state bodies select Red Rhododendron as National flower of Nepal. LaliGurans is also the State flower of West Virginia from 1903. Rhododendron the National flower of Nepal is the proud of beauty. Nepal is proud of the beauty of Red Rhododendron.

Facts about Nepal’s National Flower [Rhododendron/LaliGurans]

  • Common Name:  Rhododendron/LaliGurans
  • Genus:  Rhododendron
  • Species:  Ferrugenium
  • Found in:  Himalayan foothills, also more or less found all over the world.
  • Color:  Red, white, pastel, orange, golden, pink and purple.
  • Number of petals:  5-100
  • Form of the tree:  Round
  • Time of blooming:  Spring
  • Purpose:  Fragrant
  • Leaves:  Ornamental

Red Rhododendron is the favorite national flower symbol of the Nepali people. It comes from healthy family of flowering plant. The Rhododendron has 1000 species or more. At least 2800 new variety of Rhododendron found in all over the world. In spite of Nepal, it is native to Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. In forests, tropical rainforests, coniferous and temperate, and mountain it can find. At least 30 species of Red Rhododendron orLaliGurans found in the Nepali hill area, which is very much attractive and fabulous.

Rhododendronis cultivated in bush form. According to the variety it can grow up to 98feet height and minimum 3.9 inches. As per variety the leaves of rhododendron are deviation in its size and shape. Some of them are evergreen and some of the deciduous leaves. The evergreen type leaves generally large and paddle shape but the deciduous leaves are elliptical and small in size.Red Rhododendron, the National flower of Nepalhas specialty in her flowering.

It blooms in spring that means from the month of March or April. At the flourishing time Red Rhododendron decorated whole of the garden with its natural beauty. Nobody can leave the garden without seeing its beauty with marvelous color combination of green and red. The green forest the like a decorated bridge.

Most of the girls in Nepal beautify their hair by LaliGurans. Butterflies and Bees gathered in the forest for sucking its juice. Not only have the insect, people also come for the same. The taste of LaliGurans is a sweet and little bit sour.Many kinds of medicine are made of the rhododendron or laligurans that help to cure headache, diarrhea, dysentery and kidney dieses. Most of the people in Nepal have a common belief that if a fish bone stuck any body’s throat, it can dissolve by drinking a sip of rhododendron or laligurans juice.

To sum up, Red Rhododendron or LaliGurans flower is the most lovable flower in Nepal. It is the Queen of flower in Nepal. All the people in Nepal respect it as symbol of beauty as well as their National Symbol. Red Rhododendron or LaliGurans the National Flowers of Nepal, which beautifies the forest of Nepal and also beautifies Nepal as well.


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