What Is The National Map of Brunei?

What Is The National Map of Brunei?

Brunei is the 173rd largest country in the world, which means that it is really one of the smallest. Brunei‘s total area is 5,756 square kilometers (5,265 on land, 500 square kilometers on the water). Brunei Darussalam is situated in the south-eastern region of Asia, on the Island of Borneo, between longitudes 114’04” and 114’23” East and latitudes 4’00” and 5’05” North.

Brunei, although occupying less than 1% of Borneo’s land area, is the only sovereign country on the island, which it shares with the Indonesian provinces of West, East, South and Central Kalimantan and the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.


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