What Is The National Monument of Argentina?

What Is The National Monument of Argentina?

There are many National famous landmarks in Argentina, both natural and man-made. In this article we feature the Top 3 famous landmarks in Argentina:

1. Buenos Aires Obelisk:- One of the most recognizable landmarks in Argentina is the Buenos Aires Obelisk. This magnificent structure stands about 220 feet tall and is sometimes used by locals to display public messages.

2. National Flag Memorial:- The National Flag Memorial in Rosario, Argentina, is a monumental complex built near the shore of the Paraná River.

3. Pirámide de Mayo:- The Pirámide de Mayo, located at the hub of the Plaza de Mayo, is the oldest national monument in the City of Buenos Aires. Its construction was ordered in 1811 by the Primera Junta to celebrate the first anniversary of the May Revolution


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