What is The National Mountain of Denmark?

What is The National Mountain of Denmark?

Himmelbjerget is The Heights Mountain in Denmark. It is a mountain located between Ry and Silkeborg, Denmark in the area known as Søhøjlandet.

With a height of 147 m (482 ft), Himmelbjerget is one of the highest natural points in the Danish landscape. Some Highest Peaks in Denmark:

1. Ejer Bavnehøj/Møllehøj in Ejer, Jylland. 170.86 meters (above sea level).
2. Yding Skovhøj in Yding, Jylland. 170.77 m.
3. Rytterknægten in Almindingen, Bornholm. 162 m.
4. Rye Sønderskov in Gammel Rye, Jylland. 157 m.
5. Them Bavnehøj in Them, Jylland. 153 m.

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