Who Are The Founder of Argentina?

Who Are The Founder of Argentina?

The Founder of Argentina Was Spain. Although Spain founded Argentina it was because of a man named Juan Diaz De Solis, Who Was a 16th-century navigator and explorer, that Spain was able to found it.

Juan Diaz De Solis
Juan Diaz De Solis, who was born somewhere in the year 1470, served as a navigator at places such as Brazil and the Yucatan, but when Amerigo Vespucci, a Pilot-major for Spain, passed away Juan Diaz was given his position.

Díaz began to prepare an expedition to explore the southern part of the new American continent. When he sailed out with his 3 ships and 70 men he reached what is now called Rio de la Plata, which is a river between Argentina and another country called Uruguay. Sadly Diaz was killed by local Charrúa Indians when exploring up the Uruguay river.

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