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While you are looking for countries that start with B, you’ll get 19 or more countries of the world which start with the Alphabetic letter “B”. Though most of them are the Sovereign States some of them are dependent territories. Here is the list of countries with B:

There are 19 countries starting with B that I can remember: This is a list of countries and areas in the world in alphabetical order, with the official names and alternative names.

Alphabetical list of countries that starting with B
English Name Capital City Population
Land Area
1 Bahamas Nassau 395,361 10,010 39
2 Bahrain Manama 1,492,584 760 1,964
3 Bangladesh Dhaka 164,669,751 130,170 1,265
4 Barbados Bridgetown 285,719 430 664
5 Belarus Minsk 9,468,338 202,910 47
6 Belgium City of Brussels 11,429,336 30,280 377
7 Belize Belmopan 374,681 22,810 16
8 Benin Porto-Novo 11,175,692 112,760 99
9 Bermuda Hamilton 61,349 50 1,227
10 Bhutan Thimphu 807,610 38,117 21
11 Bolivia Sucre 11,051,600 1,083,300 10
12 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 3,507,017 51,000 69
13 Botswana Gaborone 2,291,661 566,730 4
14 Brazil Brasília 209,288,278 8,358,140 25
15 British Virgin Islands Road Town 31,196 150 208
16 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan 428,697 5,270 81
17 Bulgaria Sofia 7,084,571 108,560 65
18 Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 19,193,382 273,600 70
19 Burundi Bujumbura 10,864,245 25,680 423

Brazil is the largest country considering by area among all of those countries starting with B. The land area of Australia is 8,358,140Km². Brazil is also the most populous country among those countries that start with Band the 5thmost populous country in the world.Bangladesh is the second most populous country on this list and the 8th most populous country in the world.

In 2017, about164,669,751 peoples are living in Bangladesh. Bolivia is the second largest country name starting with B. The land area of Bolivia is 1,083,300Km². From the list of countries with B, the most density of population is in Bahrain. About 1,964 peoples are living in every kilometer per square area on average in Bahrain.

Sometimes, you’ll identify that the difference of a number of countries in many another list of countries that start with B, because some dependent or partially recognized country names are in the list or sometimes may not include those country names which are not sovereign states.

A sovereign state represents A “Country” or “Nation” which is totally independent. It means a place within its own borders and completely independent government. On the other hand, there are some controversial countries which are usually labeled as disputed territories or partially recognized countries. These controversial countries are claimed as parts of other countries which aren’t actually controlled by themselves.

Please note that many of those dependent or partially recognized countries are in the list of Olympic Nations or FIFA eligible countries. The nearly-independent country, Aruba is also included in this list of Olympic Nations.