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Several countries of the world have different names in different languages. We have found only 7countries with E.You can easily memorize and remember those seven country name starting with E.This article does not offer any judgment about what the “original”, “real”, “official”, or “correct” name of any country is or was.We are representing the list of countries with E below including capital city, population, land area and density of population.

Alphabetical list of countries that starting with E
English Name Capital City Population
Land Area
1 Ethiopia Addis Ababa 104,957,438 1,000,000 105
2 Egypt Cairo 97,553,151 995,450 98
3 Ecuador Quito 16,624,858 248,360 67
4 El Salvador San Salvador 6,377,853 20,720 308
5 Eritrea Asmara 5,068,831 101,000 50
6 Estonia Tallinn 1,309,632 42,390 31
7 Equatorial Guinea Malabo 1,267,689 28,050 45

The Ethiopia is the largest country by land area from the list of countries starting with E. The land area of the Ethiopia is 1,000,000Km².The Ethiopia is also the most populous country on the list of country name with E. The present population of The Ethiopia is 104,957,438 people. Egypt is the second largest country by area and second most populous country from the list of country name with E.

The land area of Egypt is 995,450Km² and the present population is 97,553,151 people. El Salvador is on the top of the list of countries with E based on the density of population. About 308 peoples per square kilometer are living in the El Salvador. The density of population of other countries in this list of countries with E is Ethiopia(105 P/Km²), Egypt(98 P/Km²), Ecuador(67 P/Km²), Eritrea(50 P/Km²), Equatorial Guinea(45 P/Km²) and Estonia(31 P/Km²) respectively.

All of these countries are on the list of Olympic Nations and FIFA eligible countries. While you’ll find some other country names in different list countries with E, please don’t be confused. There might be some territories and partially recognized countries. Finally, this format helps you memorize and understand those country names beginning with E.