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While you are looking for country names starting with G, you’ll see several countries of the world have different names in different languages. We have found 15 countries that start with “G”.

You can easily memorize and remember those fifteen country name starting with G. This article does not offer any judgment about what the “original”, “real”, “official”, or “correct” name of any country is or was.We are representing the list of countries with G below including capital city, population, land area and density of population.

Alphabetical list of countries that starting with G
English Name Capital City Population
Land Area
1 Germany Berlin 82,114,224 348,560 236
2 Ghana Accra 28,833,629 227,540 127
3 Guatemala Guatemala City 16,913,503 107,160 158
4 Guinea Conakry 12,717,176 245,720 52
5 Greece Athens 11,159,773 128,900 87
6 Georgia Tbilisi 3,912,061 69,490 56
7 Gambia Banjul 2,100,568 10,120 208
8 Gabon Libreville 2,025,137 257,670 8
9 Guinea-Bissau Bissau 1,861,283 28,120 66
10 Guyana Georgetown 777,859 196,850 4
11 Guadeloupe Basse-Terre 449,568 1,690 266
12 Guam Hagåtña 164,229 540 304
13 Grenada St. George’s 107,825 340 317
14 Greenland Nuuk 56,480 410,450 0
15 Gibraltar Gibraltar 34,571 10 3,457

Greenland is the largest country by land area from the list of countries that start with “G”. The land area of Greenland is 410,450Km².Germany is the most populous country on the list of country name with G. The present population of Germany is 82,114,224people.

Gabonis the second largest country by area from the list of country name with G. The land area of Gabonis 257,670Km² and the present population is 2,025,137people. Ghana is the second most populous country name with G. The present population of Ghana is 28,833,629 people.

Gibraltar is on the top of the list of countries with G based on the density of population. About 3,457peoples per square kilometer are living in Gibraltar.

These 15 countries from different continents of the world are known for its enormous diversity in terms of economics, culture, historical background, environments, ethnic groups and also the government systems.

We have tried to represent the actual data list of country names that start with “G”. Please note that the data table has been created in December 2107.