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While you are looking for countries that start with H, you’ll get5 or more countries which start with the Alphabetic letter “H”. Though most of them are the Sovereign States some of them are dependent territories.

These countries from different continents of the world are known for its enormous diversity in terms of economics, culture, historical background, environments, ethnic groups and also the government systems.

We have tried to represent the actual data list of country names that start with “H”. Please note that the data table has been created in December 2107. Here is the list of countries with H:

Alphabetical list of countries that starting with H
English Name Capital City Population
Land Area
1 Haiti Port-au-Prince 10,981,229 27,560 398
2 Hungary Budapest 9,721,559 90,530 107
3 Honduras Tegucigalpa 9,265,067 111,890 83
4 Hong Kong (S.A.R. of China) Victoria City 7,364,883 1,050 7,014
5 Holy See Vatican City 792 0 1,980

This article does not offer any judgment about what the “original”, “real”, “official”, or “correct” name of any country is or was. We have represented the list of countries with H including thecapital city, population, land area and density of population.

Hondurasis the largest country considering by area among all of those countries starting with H. The land area of Hondurasis 111,890Km². Haitiis the most populous country by area among those countries that start with H. The population of Haitiis 10,981,229and the land area is 27,560Km².

Hungaryis the second largest and second most populouscountry name starting with H. The present population of Hungaryis 9,721,559 people and the land area is90,530Km². From the list of countries with H, the most density of population is in Hong Kong after the Holy See. About7,014peoples are living in every kilometer per square area on average inHong Kong.

While you’ll see the more country namethat start with H,you have to understand that there might be some dependent or partially recognized countrieswhich are on that list or sometimes may not include those country names which are not sovereign states.

Hong Kong and Holy See are partially recognized countries which are claimed as parts of other countries which aren’t actually controlled by themselves.