River Map of France | Major Rivers of France

River Map of France | Major Rivers of France

France has beautiful rivers that flow through its cities and villages. The River Map of France would cover 430,000 km (metropolitan France, including Corsica). French has two words for a “river”; a substantial river that flows to the sea is known as “un fleuve”, and all other rivers – including all rivers that are tributaries of other rivers – are known of as “une rivière”. The river system of France provides a source of water power in certain regions (French Alps, Jura, Massif Central, Vosges). Over the centuries, it has provided irrigation and cheap transportation.

Major Rivers of France

River Length (km) Length (miles) Drainage area (km²) Outflow Countries in the drainage basin
Loire River 1,010 627 117,054 Bay of Biscay France
Seine River 770 478 78,650 English Channel France, Belgium
Rhone River 812 505 98,000 Mediterranean Sea France, Switzerland
Garonne River 602 374 84,811 Atlantic Ocean France, Spain
Marne River 514 319 12,800 Confluence with the Seine France
Dordogne River 483 300 23,870 Confluence with Garonne River France
Charente River 381 237 10,000 Atlantic Ocean France
Tarn River 381 237 15,700 Confluence with Garonne River France

1. Loire River

The Loire is the longest river in France at 630 miles (1,013 km). It rises in the Massif Central in the Ardèche department, high up in the Cevennes mountain ranges. The source is 1,350 meters (4,430 ft) above sea level at the foot of the bleak Gerbier de Jonc. The Loire flows through a large part of France before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Seine River

The Seine River is 480 miles long and is the biggest river in France in terms of popularity and name recognition. It begins in the Alps and flows north and west through Troyes, Paris, and Normandy, ending in the English Channel. The Seine empties into the English Channel between picture book pretty Honfleur and the industrial port of Le Havre.

3. Rhone River

The Rhone River is the biggest river in France in terms of depth and volume. It is 504 miles (813 km) long from its source in Switzerland to the sea, with 338 miles (545 km) within France. The river is part of a huge canal network that connects to major trading ports like Marseille and smaller places like Sète.

4. Rhine River

The longest river that runs partially through France is the Rhine. This river runs a total of 764 miles, although not all of it is in France. It flows through 5 other countries as well, making it the longest river in Europe.

5. Dordogne River

The Dordogne River, the fifth-longest in France, is 300 miles (483 km) long, rising in the mountains of the Auvergne at Puy de Sancy, 1,885 meters (6,184 ft) above sea level. It’s a gorgeous river, with châteaux on its hillsides and pretty towns on its banks like Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne.

Importance of Rivers in France

France’s rivers have played a crucial role in the country’s development and continue to be a vital part of its economy and culture. They provide essential resources for agriculture, industry, and transportation. They also support a wide variety of plant and animal life, and their natural beauty attracts tourists from around the world.

As France faces the challenges of climate change and population growth, the management of its rivers will become increasingly important. Sustainable practices will be needed to ensure that these waterways continue to provide benefits for generations to come.

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