National Historical Places of Germany?

History, culture, and natural beauty perhaps best describe the essence of vacationing in Germany. With its historic cities and small towns, along with an abundance of forests and mountains.

3 Top-Rated Historical Places in Germany:

1. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate- Modeled on the Acropolis in Athens and built for King Frederick William II in 1791, the monumental sandstone Brandenburg Gate in Berlin’s Mitte district was the city’s first Neoclassical structure.

2 Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)- The towering Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary, Kölner Dom, on the banks of the Rhine is Cologne’s most impressive landmark.

3. The Black Forest- In the southwestern corner of Germany and extending 160 kilometers from Pforzheim in the north to Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south, it’s a hiker’s heaven


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