What is The National Parks of Germany?

What is The National Parks of Germany?

Germany is an Ecologically diverse And Beautiful country. The national parks of Germany offer the opportunity to explore the fascinating natural environment of the country. The parks and the animals within them are protected from harm due to human activities Like destruction of their habitat and poaching.

The 5 Most Beautiful National Parks In Germany:

1. Saxon Switzerland National Park- The park is characterized by a unique landscape of sandstone cliffs, deeply carved valleys.
2. Jasmund National Park- Its most spectacular feature is the Königsstuhl chalk cliffs, depicted.
3. Lower Oder Valley National Park- It covers 60 kilometres of meadowland.
4. Müritz National Park- A 660-kilometre network of trails leads through an enchanting landscape
5. Kellerwald-Edersee National Park- A wide range of guided tours, walks and cycle routes through the national park are available.


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