State Flower of Alabama

State Flower of Alabama

Camellia or Japanese Camellia is the state flower or the floral symbol of Alabama. Camellia japonica is the scientific name of Camellia. Sometimes it is also called the rose of winter. It was designated as the official state flower of Alabama in 1959. It is also recognized as the state wildflower of Alabama. It is a native flower of China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Earlier, the Goldenrod flower was state flower of Alabama which was adopted in 1927. In August 1959, the goldenrod was overthrown after more than thirty years and the camellia became Alabama’s state flower. The ladies of Butler County thought that camellias are more apposite as a state representative and, even though the camellia is from China.


Facts about Camellia, the State Flower of Alabama:

Common Name: Camellia, The rose of winter

  •  Genus: Camellia
  • Species: japonica
  • Found in: China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan
  •  Color: Pink, Red, yellow, white
  • A number of petals: Many that differs on species.
  • Size: 12 cm in diameter
  • Type of plant: Evergreen shrub
  • Period of blooming: fall through spring
  •   Purpose: Tea, oil, medicine

Symbol. White camellias symbolize true excellence and faithfulness, whereas the red  Camellias signify beauty.


Camellia japonica is proudly crowned as the state flower symbol of Alabama. It is very easy to grow. The Camellia is an evergreen flowering shrub. It has incredible asceticism and magnificent beauty. Camellias always entice botanists, horticulturists, landscapers and hobby growers with their beautiful, smooth, elegant leaves and gorgeous form.

These eye-catching and slightly sweet flowers blossom from November to March, also in January and February. Camellia flowers are big and noticeable anywhere. It has five to nine petals. They differ in color but mostly they are found in the brilliant shades of white, pink, red, yellow. The color differs according to the species. In Alabama, Camellia can be found brilliantly blooming from Birmingham roadsides to Selma State Park and beyond. It can also be found along hiking and mountain trails, highways, thoroughfares and home gardens.


The state flower or floral symbol of Alabama Camellia has different uses and it is a very beautiful flower. Teas are manufacture by using the camellia’s leaves. Different kinds of teas are made from it. White, green and black teas are few of them, which are made of camellia plant. Its leaves are also being used as traditional Chinese medicine in treatment of cardiovascular disorders and asthma. Oil is also made from this flower. The oil is used form hair care in Japan. Camellias are vulnerable to numerous pests, including aphids, mealy bugs and scale, which can be taken care of with insecticidal soaps or systemic insecticides. Camellia can survive from 100 to 200 years in the wild.

The Camellia stands for adoration, devotion and loveliness in the flowering language. White camellias symbolize true excellence and faithfulness, whereas the red camellias signify beauty. It is the favorite flower of the people of Alabama and naturally it was selected as the state flower or floral symbol of Alabama.




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