State Games of Alabama

State Games of Alabama

Alabama has no official state game or sports. But they have some popular game or sports, such as Football, Baseball, Motosports, Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Athletics. The football means one kinds of Rugby. They arrange a big sports event like Olympic every year through Alabama Sports Foudation.

While Alabama will perpetually be associated with football, there are plenty of “futbol” fans as well. Alabama is the birthplace of American women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm. Moreover, Alabama has arrogantly hosted both Olympic and professional soccer, also the 1996 Summer Olympics and Futbol Internacional 2007.

There are two giant stadium situated in Alabama. Alabama’s Bryant-Denny Stadium (capacity: 101,821) and Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium (87,451) are largest football stadiums in the country, which hosts exciting SEC football action every fall. The state authority swanks many of the region’s top soccer facilities, which includes the Jack Allen Recreational Complex in Decatur and Sports Blast Shelby County outside Birmingham.

We hope the Alabama legislature select a game for adopt the state game of Alabama soon.


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