What Is The National Bird of Italy?

What Is The National Bird of Italy?

Italian Sparrow Is The National Bird of Italy. Its Scientific name Is Passer italiae. Italian Sparrow is Very common in Italy. It shows common characteristics to common sparrows and Spanish sparrows. Sparrow Birds are found Everywhere from Northern Italy to the Swiss Alps and Whole Country. Italian Sparrows are social birds, They mostly inhabit near civilizations. The Estimated population of Italian Sparrow Worldwide is more than 10 Million.


The Italian Sparrow shares physical features of the House Sparrow and the Spanish Sparrow. It is a 14 cm long, sturdy bird with rounded wings, a squared tail, a round head, and a thick bill. The male has a chestnut crown, nape, upper parts, and sides of the head, white cheeks, and light grey underparts with a black throat. The female is pale brown with darker markings. The juvenile is similar to the female.

This bird eats seeds but feeds its chicks insects. It will also feed on crumbs given to it by humans. It is a gregarious bird and breeds in small flocks. The breeding season begins in April. Each couple builds its nest in a bush, hedge, or small tree. Pre-existing cavities in trees or walls are often utilized, as well. The female lays about five white eggs with brown spots, which both she and the male incubate for 10-14 days. The young fledge at 10-19 days of age.

Fact About National Bird of Italy

  • Italian Sparrows are social birds, they mostly inhabit near civilizations, their favorite place to nest are buildings and houses.
  • Every season, Italian Sparrow hatch 3-8 eggs at a time, their eggs are similar in size and shape to the common house sparrows.
  • The estimated population of Italian Sparrow worldwide is more than 10 million pairs.
  • They migrate to areas attached to their permanent residence, sometimes they may travel up to 100 kilometers in search of food and suitable weather.


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