What is The National River of Brazil?

What is The National River of Brazil?

The Federative Republic of Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country by both population and area, and the only country in the Americas region with Portuguese as its official language.

Brazil borders all of the other South American countries except for Chile and Ecuador. Biggest Rivers In Brazil:

1. Amazonica (Amazon)- The Amazon River is the world’s second longest river, and the largest by the volume of water it discharges.

Amazon River discharges an average of 209,000 cubic meters of water per second, greater than a combined discharge for the next seven rivers in the country.

2. Tocantins-Araguaia- The Araguaia River, though a tributary of the Tocantins River, is in and of itself a major river in Brazil, measuring 2,627 kilometers in length.

The Araguaia has several tributaries of its own, with the major tributary originating from the Araras and Divisions mountain ranges.


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