Who Is The National Poet of Brazil?

Gonçalves Dias, Olavo Bilac, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Machado de Assis Those Poet Consider As The National Poet of Brazil. Some Famous Poet of Brazil:

  1. Adolfo Caminha – Adolfo Ferreira Caminha was a Brazilian Naturalist novelist, famous for his polemical novel Bom-Crioulo.
  2. Alphonsus de Guimaraens – Afonso Henrique da Costa Guimarães, known as Alphonsus de Guimaraens, was a Brazilian poet. The poetry of Alphonsus de Guimaraes is substantially mystical and involved with Catholicism.
  3. Alvarenga Peixoto – Inácio José de Alvarenga Peixoto was a Colonial Brazilian Neoclassical poet and lawyer. He wrote under the pen name Eureste Fenício.


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