10 Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit In Bangladesh

10 Best Tourist Attraction Places To Visit In Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the “country of rivers” located on the Bay of Bengal is a South Asian country. The country Covered in greenery as well as undulating hills and rich culture is a vision to the eyes. Every corner here offers some incredible views, making it one of the best countries to travel.

The people of Bangladesh are famously friendly and welcoming and the country is full of cultural wonders such as the tea covered highlands of Srimangal to the gorgeous golden sands of Cox’s Bazar, which is actually the third longest beach in the world. Other highlights include bustling cities like Dhaka as well as areas of rural paradise like the Sundarbans National Park.

Best Places To Visit In Bangladesh

1. Cox’s Bazar: The Longest Sea Beach In The World

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is regarded as the longest sea beach in the world. This little town in the far south-east of Bangladesh is known for its stunning beach which stretches for an amazing 120 kilometers from north to south along the side of the balmy Indian Ocean. This is the third longest beach on the planet and you will find local fishermen reeling in the day’s catch as well as bubbling rock pools and crashing turquoise waves that make this a great spot for surfing.

02. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

It’s the one and only mangrove forest in Bangladesh which is situated in the western part of our country, in the Khulna Division. The Sunderbans stands on the bank of the Bay of Bengal. And by going to Sunderbans you can have the experience of standing on deltas of three rivers at a time- Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna.

3. Saint Martin

Saint Martin is the only coral island of Bangladesh, which offers attractions like sunrise, sunset, exotic village life, coral rocks, hatchery and plentiful stars at night. This is a quite beautiful beach that offers amazing scenarios to the visitors.

04. Sajek Valley

The Sajek Valley is under the district of Rangamati and it is called ‘The roof of Rangamati’. It is surrounded by hill tracks, mountains and forests and the major transport you’ll get to roam around there are called ‘Chander Gari’, which is like a four-wheel jeep. Although this place can’t afford many facilities for the tourists, that hasn’t become the reason for people losing interest to visit the place.

5. Bandarban – The Highest Hill Resort Of Bangladesh

Surrounded by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that rise to nearly 1,000 meters above sea level is the stunning town of Bandaran. The area is covered in misty green and is home to tobacco farms and hilltop lookouts and there is also a lively bazaar where you will find arts and crafts from the Shan tribes from Myanmar across the border.

6. Paharpur

Paharpur is a pint-sized town that is most well known for the Naogaon District where you will find UNESCO World Heritage Site ruins called Somapura Mahavihara. This spot is said to be one of the most fascinating Buddhist archeological sites in South Asia and takes the form of a large redbrick quadrangle which is bisected with alleys and chambers that would have been meditation rooms in days of old.

7.  Sylhet

Lalakhal Sylhet

Sylhet city is located on the bank of the river Surma, in northeastern Bengal. It’s called the most important spiritual and cultural center of Bangladesh. Sylhet has many places to visit like Lalakhal, which is a greenish-blue water full place below the Cherapunji of India. The next places are Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bisnakandi, Panthumai, and Khadimnagar Rain Forest.  You should also visit Bholaganj, which has been recently added to the favorite list of many tourists.

8. Srimangal

Srimangal is called “The land of two leaves and a bud” and also known as the camellia, green carpet or Tea Mountain. Delighted with the revolving hills, the endless tea plantations, rubber & pineapple gardens, and deep forest ground are bound to make your days memorable. Just offering entering the tea estates the nice smells and green beauty will lead you many kilometers away.

9. Kuakata

Kuakata is one of the rarest places which has the unique beauty of offering the full view of the rising and setting of the red sun in the water of the Bay of Bengal in a calm environment. That perhaps makes Kuakata one of the world’s unique beaches. Locally known as Sagar Kannya or Daughter of the Sea is a rare scenic beauty on the southernmost point of Bangladesh.

10. Dhaka

Dhaka is not like the wilds of an area like the Sundarbans mangroves but the city of Dhaka offers you a jungle of a different kind. Sprawling along the Buriganga River, Dhaka used to be the home of the British Raj during the colonial period as well as the Mughal princess and the likes of Shah Jahan (the architect of the iconic Taj Mahal). Nowadays more than 17 million people call this city home and you can expect temples, churches, mosques, monuments, and colorful and aromatic bazaars.

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