National Flower of Bangladesh

National Flower of Bangladesh

The shapla Or Water Lily Is The National Flower of Bangladesh. The Symbol of National Flower of Bangladesh Water Lily is Also Located In The Center of The Emblem of Bangladesh. White water Lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. Its scientific name is Nymphaea Pubescens.

It belongs to Nymphaeaceae family and it’s genus of Nymphaea. The water lily is an aquatic type flower. Soon after the liberation of Bangladesh the then government selected the water lily (white shapla) as the National flower of Bangladesh. The water lily is also the State flower of Andhra and national flower of Sri Lanka.

The water lily is found in every part of Bangladesh. Its specialty is when it blooms no dirt comes on it or on its leaves. The Bangladeshi people honor it as the symbol of purity of soul. The national flower symbol of Bangladesh, Water Lily (Sada Shapla in Bangla), symbolizes purity and unity.

Facts about Bangladesh’s National Flower (White water lily – ‘Sada Shapla’)

  • Common Name:  White water lily or Sada Shapla
  • Genus:  Nymphaea
  • Species:  Pubescens
  • Found in:  All over Bangladesh
  • Color:  White, Pink, Red, Blue and yellow
  • Number of petals: 8
  • Number of Sepals:  4 – 12
  • Time of blooming: All around the year, mostly in rainy season
  • Purpose: Decoration, Food and herbal value
  • Symbolism: Purity of soul and unity

White water lily is the national flower symbol of the Bangladeshi people. They believe that the white water lily purifies their soul and unites them all as the petals of water lily. The water lily is rooted in the soil under water of natural big ponds, lakes and canals.

The leaves of water lily are about 12 to 30 cm diameter and their color is dark green. It blooms round the year mostly in rainy season. The stalk of both the flowers and leaves are as long as the level of water where they grow. The people of Bangladesh used the stalk of the water lily in their food menu. It is very useful health. The leaves of water lily provide shade to the aquatic creatures as a shelter from Sun. To sum up, white water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. It marvelously represents the people’s unity and also purity of soul.


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