State Saltwater Fish of Alabama

State Saltwater Fish of Alabama

The Fighting Tarpon is the official state saltwater Fish symbol of Alabama. Megalops atlanticus is the scientific name of the Alabama’s state saltwater fish symbol– The Fighting Tarpon. It is commonly known as the Atlantic tarpon and also calls Silver King, which is mainly found in the warm, shallow and coastal regions of both the eastern and western Atlantic Ocean. They have a wide range through the United States coastal areas to Brazil in the western Atlantic and eastern Atlantic coast from Senegal to the Congo. The Fighting Tarpon or Megalops atlanticus are also found all through the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, in the region of Bermuda and in the eastern Pacific Ocean adjacent to the Cobia Island in Panama because of movement through the Panama Canal.

The Legislature of Alabama State adopted by the The Fighting Tarpon or Megalops atlanticus, as the state saltwater fish symbol an Act no. 564 on September 9, 1955


The Alabama’s state saltwater fish symbol the Fighting Tarpons is a huge fish in size which females are generally bigger than males. It can grow up to lengths of 240 cm and reach a mass of 161 kg. The color of Fighting Tarpon is deep blue to black dorsal coloration and silver side with ventral blush. Tarpon vary greatly in size and females are generally larger than males. Megalops atlanticus can grow up to lengths of 240 cm and reach a mass of 161 kg. Females have a signify fork length of 167.7 cm while the males have a denote fork length of 144.7 cm.

The State saltwater fish symbol of Alabama, The Fighting Tarpon eat zooplankton, small fish, and insects when they are young. They move away from zooplankton and feed only on fish and crustaceans as and when they are matured. They pick Atlantic needlefish, pinfish, and many species of crabs and shrimp in their food list.



The Alabama’s state saltwater fish symbol Fighting Tarpon are chooses to live in estuaries, bays, lagoons and have also been known to travel up into freshwater rivers. Megalops atlanticus has the ability to tolerate fresh water, brackish water, or salt water atmosphere and can also tolerate oxygen poor environments by gulping surface air. Temperature is the only environmental restriction on their habitat.

In above all, the legislature of Alabama naturally designated the Fighting Tarpon as the official state saltwater Fish symbol of Alabama.




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