What is The National Mountain of Germany?

What is The National Mountain of Germany?

Germany has many Amazing landforms, including mountains, woodlands, rivers, islands, and lakes. There are several Big And Small Mountain Ranges found across central Germany especially along the woodlands and the Thuringian forest.

Some Tallest Mountains In Germany:

1. Zugspitze- Zugspitze has an elevation of 2,962 meters and is the highest peak in Germany.

2. Schneefernerkopf- The Schneefernerkopf tops out at 2,874 meters, and is the second highest mountain in Germany.

3. Wetterspitze- It is 2,750 meters high and mainly consists of limestone from the upper Triassic period.

4. Hochwanner- Hochwanner is the highest peak on the main ridge of the Wetterstein at 2,744 meters


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