Who Are The National Heroes of France?

Who Are The National Heroes of France?

Le Plus Grand Français de tous les temps (“The Greatest Frenchman of all Time”) was a France 2 show of early 2005, based on an original series of Great Britons on the BBC. The show asked the French viewers whom they thought was the Greatest Frenchman or Frenchwoman. The winner was the former president and leader of the Free French movement, Charles de Gaulle.

Charles De Gaulle

General and president. Leader of the French resistance movement during World War II. President of France between 1944 and 1946 and between 1958 and 1969. Admired for giving post-war France international prestige and independence in their foreign policy.

Samuel de Champlain and Jacques Cartier

Samuel de Champlain and Jacques CartierIs  Are The National Heroes of France. Jacques Cartier (1491-1557) was a French navigator. His explorations established the basis for France’s claims to territory in what is now Canada. In 1535, he led the first European expedition up the St. Lawrence River. Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France around the year 1567. He became one of the most important explorers in North American and French history and mapped much of Canada and the northeastern United States.

Some Other National Heroes of France

1. Jean Jacques Rousseau.
2. Denis Diderot.
3. Antoine Lavoisier.
4. Jacques Louis David.
5. Pierre-Simon Laplace.
6. Marquis de Lafayette.
7. Napoleon Bonaparte.
8. Victor Hugo.


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