What is The National Dress of Canada?

What is The National Dress of Canada?

There is No Official National Dress of Canada. Folk dress for females and males Considered as a National Dress In Canada.

Females Folk dress included crinoline or hoop skirt, wide dresses with gigot-style sleeves, and peplum attached bodice. Males Folk dresses included decorative waistcoats, shorter trousers known as breeches, cane, and cufflinks and sash.

Canadian national clothing was formed under the influence of Native Indians. Native Indians lived on these lands for centuries and colonizers from Europe. Native Indians came to Canada in the 17-18th century.

The most important thing for the Native Indians in Canada was to keep the tradition in everything. Every tribe had its own traditional garment, jewelry, and style of face painting.

European settlers brought new fashion to Canadian lands and it changed the whole clothing tradition in this country forever.

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