What is The National Dress of Iran?

What is The National Dress of Iran?

Iran has some traditional dress. Iranian women are commonly more reserved, but they now rarely wear traditional clothing. Men do not wear short pants, sleeveless or extremely short-sleeved shirts, tight shirts, or ties. Most Iranian women wear a Hijab ( Veil) over their hair. (Some can be colored). Other than that they mostly cover their skin and wear blue jeans. For the men shorts and ties are not appropriate in public, (swimming pools & beaches are okay) the men would usually wear some jeans, a T-shirt, & flip-flops.


The clothes of the Bakhtiari nomadic tribe are versatile by design, evolved to adapt to the extreme weather conditions they may encounter during migration – from the grassy plateau of the Khuzestan region to the mountainous Chahar Mahal. While men wear tunics, wide trousers fastened at the ankle and wool skullcaps, the women are often seen in colorful, layered skirts paired with matching vests. Their long headscarves are embellished with hand-stitched designs or ornaments.


The Baluch people hail from southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan; therefore, it’s not surprising that their traditional clothes closely resemble the voluminous shalwar kameez (loose trousers with a long shirt or tunic) worn in those countries.

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