Who Are The National Heroes of Iran?

The National heroes of Iran are legendary personalities who have contributed to the country’s progress through their many achievements and efforts.

They have become role models for the people of the country over several generations. Here are the profiles of some of the National heroes of Iran.

1. Mohammad Mosaddegh:– Today Mohammad Mosaddegh is considered a national hero of Iran by many for his efforts in nationalizing the country’s oil industry.

2. Ferdowsi:– Among the literary geniuses and National heroes of Iran, Ferdowsi holds a special place. He is possibly the most respected Persian poet whose “The Shahnameh” or “The Epic of Kings” is definitely one of the classics of the world.

3. Nader Shah:– Nader Shah was perhaps the last great military conqueror of Asia and is believed to be the most talented military commander of Iran. He is also credited for the restoration of power in Iran.

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