What Is The National Monument of Iran?

Iran has many national monuments. Some of them are:

1. Bam and its Cultural Landscape:- The most recognized monument, Arg-e Bam, dates back over 2,000 years to the Parthian Empire. This citadel was build out of khesht (sun-dried mud bricks) in the 6th to 4th centuries B.C. and served as the governor’s quarters.

2. Meidan Emam, Isfahan:- One of the first sites in Iran to be registered with UNESCO in 1979, this square was built by Shah Abbas in the 17th century.

3. Pasargadae:- Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira published the poem Vou-me embora pra Pasargadae (I’m off to Pasargadae) describing a man who, unsatisfied with his life, talks about escaping to this utopian city.

4. Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System:– It consists of two main diversion canals on the Karun River, which supply the city of Shushtar with water through a series of tunnels.


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