What Is The National Monument of Colombia?

What Is The National Monument of Colombia?

The National Monuments of Colombia (Spanish: Monumentos Nacionales de Colombia) is the set of properties, nature reserves, archaeological sites, historic districts, urban areas and property that, for values of authenticity. Famous Monuments in Colombia:

1. Cartagena- The port city of Cartagena, a regular feature of Caribbean cruise itineraries, has what UNESCO calls “the most extensive fortifications in South America.”

2. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira- The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a popular tourist attraction about 30 miles outside Bogota. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering, carved within an abandoned salt mine almost 600 feet underground.

3. Santa Cruz de Mompox- Santa Cruz de Mompox was founded in 1540 and became an important Spanish colonial city. This status is still evident in the architecture of its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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