Who Are The National Heroes of Colombia?

The ideals and values of the National heroes of Colombia are still been well recognized by the citizens of the country and have also received great appreciation from all corners of the world.

Here’s sharing with you some information on popular national heroes of Colombia:

1. Francisco de Paula Santander- Francisco de Paula Santander was born on April 2, 1792, and played a great role in Colombia’s struggle for independence.

2. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán- In 1933 he formed his own political party the “Unión Izquierdista Revolucionaria” (“Leftist Revolutionary Union”), or symbolically known as U.N.I.R.

3. Andrés Pastrana Arango- In 1994 he contested for the post of Presidency against Ernesto Samper, which he lost by a very narrow margin, finally, in 1998 he, won the seat and was sworn in as the President of Colombia


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