Who Are The National Heroes of Colombia?

Who Are The National Heroes of Colombia?

The ideals and values of the National heroes of Colombia are still been well recognized by the citizens of the country and have also received great appreciation from all corners of the world.

Here’s sharing with you some information on popular national heroes of Colombia:

Francisco José de Paula Santander and Omana (Villa del Rosario, April 2, 1792 – Bogota, May 6, 1840) was a statesman, lawyer, revolutionary, military and political Colombian Independence hero Colombia. Participated in the War of Independence. Played a decisive role in the Battle of Boyacá and was promoted to the rank of general Bolivar division.

Other National Heros

1. Jorge Eliécer Gaitán

One of the most charismatic leaders of the Liberal Party, Gaitán was known for criticizing the ruling classes and promising greater equality and land reform. He was assassinated in his second presidential campaign in 1948.

2. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla

As Army General, he led a successful coup d’état in 1953, putting an end to La Violencia. As the 19th president of Colombia, he imposed martial law and began a short dictatorship. During his rule, he gave women the right to vote, introduced the television, and constructed several hospitals, amongst other achievements. You can find his statue, predictably, on Avenida Rojas with Calle 68.

3. Simón Bolívar

This Venezuelan military and political leader, often simply known as ‘the liberator’, is commemorated all over Colombia for liberating the country from the Spanish. Famously triumphing in the Battle of Boyacá in 1819, he later led the country before dying in Santa Marta, where his tomb still stands. See his statues in many plazas around the country.


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