Most Popular Fashion Keywords

Most Popular Fashion Keywords

When people hear the word “fashion,” something very specific comes to their mind like runways, models, expensive clothes, superficial attitudes, and consumerism. No wonder so many people sneer at the industry.

But fashion is a much broader concept than that, encapsulating who we are on an everyday level, and how we project that through our clothes. What we wear is who we are—and it’s quite personal.

Fashion is something we deal with every day in our life. People who say that they don’t care what they wear choose clothes every morning that say a lot about them and how they feel that day.

If you’re in the fashion industry or if you are a proud owner of a top-performing fashion blog, you would probably want to know which keywords for fashion containing the term ‘Fashion’ do most users search for on Google.

Most Searched Fashion Keywords

RankFashion Keywords Global Search Volume
1fashion nova                           673,000
2fashions                             673,000
3fashion days                             368,000
5old fashioned                             301,000
6fashion jobs                             301,000
7fashion world                             301,000
8fashion pulis                             246,000
980’s fashion                             246,000
10fashion mia                             201,000
1190s fashion                             165,000
12fashion and you                             165,000
14fashion designing                             135,000
16covet fashion                             135,000
18mens fashions                             110,000
19fashion story                             110,000
21fashion blogs                             110,000
22match fashion                                 90,500
23fashion houses                                 90,500
24old fashion recipes                                 74,000
25victoria secret fashion show                                 74,000
26fashion designer games                                 74,000
27hijab fashion                                 74,000
29fashion week                                 60,500
30fashion tv                                 60,500
31fashion games                                 60,500
32plus size fashions                                 49,500
33fashion empire                                 49,500
34fashion shows                                 49,500
35fashion dresses                                 49,500
36fashion girls                                 49,500
37select fashion                                 49,500
38old fashion drink                                 40,500
39fashion show mall                                 40,500
40fashion magazines                                 40,500
41woman fashion                                 40,500
43fashion quotes                                 40,500
44fashion modeling                                 40,500
45fashion models                                 40,500
47men fashion                                 40,500
48fashion jewellery                                 40,500
49fashion styles                                 40,500
50fashion island                                 40,500
51fashion police                                 40,500
52max fashion                                 40,500
53business of fashion                                 33,100
54fashion illustrations                                 33,100
57fashion bugs                                 33,100
58fashion arena                                 33,100
59old fashion cocktail                                 27,100
60fashion movies                                 27,100
61fashion trends                                 27,100
62fashion icons                                 27,100
63fashion photography                                 22,200
64fashion valley                                 22,200
65fashion sketches                                 22,200
66fashion bunker                                 22,200
67fashion fair                                 22,200
68fashion king                                 22,200
69winter fashion                                 22,200
70fashion clothing                                 22,200
71street fashion                                 22,200
72fashion diva                                 22,200
73fashion bloggers                                 22,200
74fashion stores                                 22,200
75fashion outlets                                 22,200
76new fashion                                 22,200
77yellow fashion                                 22,200
78fashion news                                 18,100
79express fashions                                 18,100
80fashion nails                                 18,100
81fast fashion                                 18,100
82high fashion                                 18,100
84teenage fashion                                 18,100
85fashion accessories                                 18,100
86kids fashion                                 18,100
87girls fashion                                 18,100
88barbie a fashion fairytale                                 18,100
89fashion shop                                 18,100
90top fashion                                 18,100
91fashion express                                 18,100
92fashion victim                                 18,100
93style fashion                                 18,100
94fashion santa                                 18,100
95fashion place mall                                 14,800
96fashion fair mall                                 14,800
97fashion logos                                 14,800
98fashion united                                 14,800
99fashion mall                                 14,800
100fall fashions                                 14,800

The effort you make with the most searched fashion keywords to improve your fashion eCommerce SEO will always pay off with higher sales and greater discoverability for your brands and products. And if your competitors are doing better on the SERP, it is because they are doing more of the five tips described in this article.


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