Top Transportation Keywords In Google

Top Transportation Keywords In Google

Transportation is a Latin word that refers to “trans” means across and “port” means to carry, so transportation means the act of carrying across.

While a person carrying or moving something from one place to another is a type of transportation, the more common usage applies to modes of transportation such as horses or other animals of burden, cars, boats, trains, buses, airplanes, etc.

Transportation is moving whatever comes out of one location to the next location. That might mean transporting something from a manufacturer to a distributor, or from a distributor to a customer”.

So, if you have a transportation business and are looking to beat your competitors’ by reaching out to the right target audience, you would want to know which keywords containing the term ‘Transportation’ do most users search for on Google.

RankTransportation KeywordsMonthly SearchGlobal CPC
1transportation safety administration1,220,000$0.86
2metropolitan transportation authority673,000$1.22
3transport stream550,000$1.09
4m p transport450,000$0.44
6mp transport368,000$0.4
7southeastern Pennsylvania transportation authority301,000$0.96
9ap transport301,000$0.64
10Massachusetts bay transportation authority201,000$1.99
11regional transportation commission201,000$1.1
12transport for london201,000$0.93
14transport layer security165,000$3.08
15volkswagen transporter165,000$0.39
16depart of transportation135,000$2.34
17institute of transportation engineers135,000$1.55
18international air transport association135,000$1.45
19Washington state dept of transportation135,000$0.73
20the transporter110,000$0.96
21transporter 3110,000$0.33
22the transporters110,000$0.2
23public transport90,500$2.77
24transporter 490,500$0.45
25transporter 290,500$0.2
26active transport74,000$1.96
27london transportation74,000$0.82
28telangana transport74,000$0.71
29amazon transportation services74,000$0.7
30c g transport74,000$0.55
31transportation workers identification card74,000$0.14
33cars transport60,500$5.8
34orange county transportation authority60,500$1.14
35transport workers union60,500$1.1
36land transportation office60,500$0.94
37e transport60,500$0.68
38public transport simulator60,500$0.43
39the transporter refueled60,500$0.23
40qld transport49,500$4.69
41swift transport49,500$3.6
42queensland transport49,500$2.36
43ministry of transportation49,500$1.14
44national highway transportation safety administration49,500$0.41
45transporter refueled49,500$0.04
46electron transport chain49,500$0.03
47car transport40,500$6.19
48auckland transport40,500$3.19
49transportation department40,500$1.75
50ministry of transport40,500$1.3
51Texas transportation institute40,500$0.67
52Oregon dept of transportation40,500$0.08
53central transport33,100$3.93
54Texas department of transportation33,100$3.53
55Iowa department of transportation33,100$1.63
56london transport museum33,100$0.62
57transport tycoon33,100$0.32
58va department of transportation33,100$0.13
59passive transport33,100$0.08
61knights transportation27,100$3.49
62car transporter27,100$3.3
63transport Canada27,100$1.24
64transportation games27,100$0.52
65auto transporters22,200$8.68
66at transportation22,200$3.18
67department of transportation physical22,200$2.75
68transportation services22,200$2.54
69means of transportation22,200$2.33
70land transportation22,200$1.45
71wi department of transportation22,200$0.53
72il dept of transportation22,200$0.09
73road runner transportation18,100$2.85
75mn department of transportation18,100$1.39
76department of transportation wa18,100$1.38
77bison transport18,100$0.77
78amazon transportation services tracking18,100$0.76
79Minnesota department of transportation18,100$0.29
80pa department of transportation18,100$0.22
81active transport definition14,800$6.69
82stevenson transport14,800$3.82
83pam transport14,800$3.56
84transportation company14,800$2.69
85transportation museum14,800$1.64
86air transport14,800$1.34
87North Carolina department of transportation14,800$1.21
88transportation definition14,800$1.03
89transporter 114,800$0.85
90water transportation14,800$0.62
91mode of transportation14,800$0.61
92transporte terrestre14,800$0.36
93stream transport14,800$0.31
94navata transport14,800$0.3
95transporter the series14,800$0.08
96medic transportation12,100$9.5
97tmc transport12,100$4.43
98Florida department of transportation12,100$3.1
99airport transportation12,100$2.87
100groome transportation12,100$2.59

We designed this type of post not only to let users find keywords but to deliver key insights for each keyword so that users, like you, will be able to make sense of what you get and get things done with them.

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