Most Expensive Keywords On Google

Most Expensive Keywords On Google

Do you know how Google makes a lot of money?. Surprisingly, 97% of Google revenue comes from online pay-per-click advertising. Millions of companies pay money each time when a user clicks on their Google Adwords ads.

Nowadays all the keywords are expensive in google, and the cost of keywords is increasing day by day. More number of businesses are turning away from google adwords mainly because many of them are not able to bear the expenses.

Surprisingly, the most expensive Google keyword in the world is – “business internet providers los angeles with a whooping CPC of $615.  The second spot goes to the keywords – “Car accident attorney long beach” with a CPC of $590. And the third spot goes to “personal injury lawyer in Colorado” with a CPC of $585.

RankMost Expensive Keywords & PhrasesGlobal CPC Global Monthly Search
1business internet providers los angeles$615                                          10
2car accident attorney long beach$590                                          30
3personal injury lawyer in Colorado$585                                          10
4accident attorney san bernardino$536                                          30
5ieee big data$506                                       590
6car accident lawyer in orange county$493                                          40
7car accident attorney anaheim$489                                          20
8mesothelioma attorney assistance$488                                          50
9car accident lawyers in orange county$483                                          40
10chicago mesothelioma lawyer$479                                       110
11big rig accident attorney$472                                          30
12accident attorney ocala fl$471                                          20
13car accident lawyer riverside$463                                       110
14best car accident lawyers in orange county ca$460                                          10
15attorney for motorcycle accidents$454                                          10
16brain injury law group$451                                          30
17fatal car accident attorney$447                                          10
18auto accident lawyer tacoma wa$446                                          10
19motorcycle injury lawyer$441                                       110
20car accident lawyer tampa fl$438                                          50
21best malpractice lawyers in philadelphia$435                                          20
22auto accident attorney orange county$435                                          50
23motorcycle accident lawyer tampa$434                                          20
24bb movie database$429                                    1,300
25car accident lawyer san bernardino$427                                          90
26best landline phone service for small business$423                                          10
27car accident attorney savannah ga$401                                          10
28asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit$393                                          70
29car accident attorney colorado springs$392                                          70
30auto accident lawyers in denver$391                                          30
312014 porsche 911 gt3 specs$381                                          20
32auto accident attorney san francisco$377                                          20
33chicago cerebral palsy lawyer$376                                          40
34auto accident lawyer sacramento$372                                          50
35attorney kenneth$370                                          20
36car accident lawyer orlando$368                                       260
37amounts awarded from the mesothelioma trust funds$368                                          40
38auto accident lawyers in Georgia$367                                          10
39roberts advertising$363                                       110
40auto accident lawyers in atlanta$357                                          50
41mesothelioma law suit$353                                          30
42ad recall$352                                       480
43accident lawyer colorado springs$351                                          30
44car accident personal injury lawyer$350                                          70
45charleston car accident lawyer$349                                       170
46car accident attorney san bernardino ca$345                                          10
47car accident attorney in los angeles$343                                          70
48boca raton personal injury lawyer$342                                       170
49alcohol rehab redding ca$336                                          10
50car accident lawyer lafayette la$336                                          20

Unsurprisingly, the list of most expensive keyword categories is clearly a result of people who turn to the Web in search of help, whether it’s for financial, educational, professional services or medical aid. WordStream concludes that the keyword categories with the highest volumes and costs represent industries with very high lifetime customer value: in other words, companies that can afford to pay a lot to acquire a new customer because of the nature of their business.


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