Most Popular Technology Keywords List

Most Popular Technology Keywords List

SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

Each sector and profession has specific keywords. Companies and recruiters are searching resumes for specific keywords and key phrases to find candidates with the skills, qualifications, and expertise to fulfill the job requirements. Incorporating keywords into a resume and cover letter help you to secure optimum attention and outperform your competition.

The technology keywords with the highest search volume are “technology student association”, “technical support”, and “technologies”, which are searched between 1,220,000 and 368,000 times monthly. These specific keywords and variations of these keywords should be included in your AdWords campaign to generate the most traffic and visibility of your ads.

Other top keywords include “it services” and “it consultant”. Since users are searching on these terms, it makes sense to structure your ads and landing pages to target their search queries.

Most Used Keywords For Technology

RankTechnology KeywordsGlobal Monthly Search
1technology student association1,220,000
2united technologies corporation550,000
3information communication technology368,000
5information technology infrastructure library246,000
6vellore institute of technology246,000
7technology news201,000
8royal melbourne institute of technology201,000
9chief technology officer165,000
10information technologies165,000
11dublin institute of technology165,000
12rochester institute of technology135,000
13bio technology135,000
14surface mount technology135,000
15nano technology135,000
16german american technologies135,000
17kiamichi technology center135,000
18university of advancing technology110,000
19new technologies90,500
20indian institute of technology bombay90,500
21southern alberta institute of technology90,500
22Massachusetts institute of technology74,000
23h c l technologies74,000
24hcl technologies74,000
25indian institute technology madras74,000
26technology readiness level60,500
27fashion institute of technology49,500
28stevens institute of technology49,500
29life technologies49,500
30nike technology49,500
31intel rapid storage technology40,500
32block chain technology40,500
33technological definition40,500
34ca technologies40,500
35information technology news40,500
36g technology40,500
37primitive technology40,500
38what is technology40,500
39Florida institute of technology33,100
40medical technologies33,100
41Georgia institute of technology33,100
42blockchain technology33,100
43agilent technologies33,100
44California institute of technology33,100
45wearable technologies33,100
46new technology 201633,100
47science and technology33,100
48tshwane university of technology33,100
49united technologies33,100
50fmc technologies33,100

Most Searched Technology Keywords

RankTechnology Keywords Global Monthly Search
1what is information technology                                 18,100
2what is physical education                                 14,800
3what is human resources management                                 14,800
4what is a case study                                 12,100
5what is intellectual property                                    9,900
6what is economic growth                                    6,600
7what is social change                                    4,400
8what is case study                                    4,400
9what is blockchain technology                                    3,600
10how technology has changed our lives                                    2,900
11does technology make us more alone                                    2,900
12what is educational technology                                    2,900
13what is cloud technology                                    2,400
14what does technology mean                                    2,400
15what is assistive technology                                    1,900
16what is language arts                                    1,900
17what is digital technology                                    1,900
18how can i change my life                                    1,600
19what is skyactiv technology                                    1,600
20what is intel rapid storage technology                                    1,300
21what is career development                                    1,300
22how has technology changed                                    1,300
23what is best practice                                    1,300
24what is the difference between science and technology                                    1,300
25how are science and technology related                                    1,300
26is technology good or bad                                    1,300
27why is technology important                                    1,000
28what is communication technology                                    1,000
29how does technology affect us                                    1,000
30why technology is bad                                    1,000


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