Most Popular Fitness Keywords On Google

Most Popular Fitness Keywords On Google

“Fitness” is a broad term that means something different to each person. Fitness refers to the state of being physically healthy and fit. Moreover, it is important for a person to become physically fit because if you are physically fit then you can easily face any type of physical challenge.

Nevertheless, fitness not only includes the physical health of a person but it encompasses both body and mind. In addition to this, fitness includes a person’s emotional and mental state of being or social well being.

The importance of physical fitness cannot be emphasized enough. In today’s society that is moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle, there is a greater need than ever to increase the daily activity level to maintain both cardiovascular fitness and body weight.

Operating a business within the health and fitness industry requires a little extra customer research than some of the rest. Trends are constantly changing, and consumer behaviors often follow suit. Regardless of the industry, successful marketing is all about effectively communicating your value proposition to your most worthwhile audience.

Popular Fitness Keywords

RankFitness KeywordsGlobal Monthly Search
1planet fitness1,830,000
2my fitness plan1,830,000
3my fitness pal1,500,000
524 hours fitness823,000
6anytime fitness673,000
7fitness first368,000
8lifetime fitness301,000
9fitness trackers246,000
10fitness apps246,000
11snap fitness201,000
12fitness world201,000
13rougue fitness201,000
14fitness girls165,000
15fitness blender135,000
16fitness studio135,000
17crunch fitness110,000
18retro fitness110,000
19fitness connection90,500
20fitness models90500
21fitness watches90,500
22blink fitness74,000
23muscle and fitness74,000
24fitness bands74,000
25health and fitness74,000
26fitness evolution60,500
27planet fitness locations60,500
28life fitness60,500
29fitness motivation60,500
30fitness quotes60,500
31fitness porn60,500
32fitness depot60,500
33my fitness pal app60,500
34total fitness60,500
35planet fitness hours49,500
36fitness centers49,500
37start fitness49,500
38dolphin fitness49,500
3924 hr fitness49,500
40club fitness40,500
41physical fitness40,500
42fitness equipment40,500
43true fitness40,500
44celebrity fitness40,500
45fitness singles40,500
46lifestyles fitness33,100
47active fitness33,100
48fitness clubs33,100
49fitness women33,100
50fitness gyms33,100
51fitness factory33,100
52mountainside fitness27,100
53charter fitness27,100
54freedom fitness27,100
55bikini fitness27,100
56best fitness watches27,100
57mens fitness27,100
58pure fitness27,100
59anytime fitness cost27,100
60my fitness27,100
61body fitness27,100
62blast fitness27,100
63energy fitness27,100
64edge fitness22,200
65fitness test22,200
66fitness bloggers22,200
67fitness blogs22,200
68fitness girls porn22,200
69fitness babes22,200
70best fitness apps22,200
71power fitness22,200
72fitness planner22,200
73aqua fitness22,200
74fitness shop22,200
75fitness point22,200
76fitness tips22,200
77defined fitness18,100
78evolutionary fitness18,100
79female fitness model18,100
80fitness magazines18,100
81fitness nudes18,100
82fitness programs18,100
83map my fitness18,100
84pole fitness18,100
85family fitness18,100
86planet fitness membership18,100
87tiger fitness18,100
88gym fitness18,100
89anytime fitness prices18,100
90platinum fitness18,100
91fitness superstore18,100
92urban fitness18,100
93ladies fitness18,100
94fitness time18,100
95one life fitness14,800
96fitness motivational quotes14,800
97nude fitness14,800
98fitness definition14,800
99fitness for less14,800
100fitness clothing14,800

Along with making your website reflect your expertise in the industry, adding some quality content can help people get excited about your brand over others. Consumers in the health and fitness industry are often trying to make some beneficial but challenging life changes, so focusing your marketing efforts on making that transition comfortable and accommodating is in your best interest.


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