Most Popular Software Keywords On Google

Most Popular Software Keywords On Google

Software is a set of instructions or programs instructing a computer to do specific tasks. Software is a generic term used to describe computer programs. Scripts, applications, programs and a set of instructions are all terms often used to describe software.

There are two things required to make a computer operate: Hardware and Software. Hardware is hard, physical, something you can touch and kick which it screws up. Software is soft, squishy, nebulous, mostly just thought transferred to punched cards or magnetic stripes.

If you have a software company or a software business or if you have a blog solely based on software tips, tricks, and updates? Well, in that case, to reach out to your targeted audience, you would probably want to know which keywords containing the term ‘Software’ do most users search for on Google.

Best Software Keywords List

RankSoftware KeywordsGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPC
2rational software architect450,000$1.65
3software defined networking246,000$21.43
4sheppards software246,000$2.12
5android software development kit246,000$0.93
6software requirements specification246,000$0.64
7software update201,000$0.21
8video editing software165,000$1.2
9software development lifecycle135,000$6.01
10software engineers135,000$5.5
11business software alliance135,000$2.98
12software development kit135,000$2.76
13tournament software135,000$2.45
14open broadcast software135,000$1.58
15open broadcaster software135,000$1.24
16software defined radio135,000$1.03
17logitech gaming software110,000$2.38
18antivirus software90,500$4.72
19anti-virus software90,500$4.29
20anti virus software90,500$4.03
21free video editing software90,500$1.29
22customer relationship management software74,000$27.69
23crm software74,000$24.3
24c r m software74,000$22.7
25open broadcaster software download74,000$1.74
26software download74,000$0.15
27software tester60,500$2.92
28e r p software60,500$12.23
29enterprise resource planning software60,500$10.86
30accounting software60,500$10.63
31data-recovery software60,500$1.28
32data recovery software60,500$1.24
33photography editing software60,500$1.17
34photo-editing software60,500$1.11
35best video editing software60,500$1
36video game software60,500$0.29
37s a p software49,500$3.52
38software engineer salary49,500$3.48
39project management software49,500$20.46
40ita software49,500$0.96
41recovery software49,500$0.4
42computer software49,500$0.22
43p c software49,500$0.1
44kundli software49,500$0.07
45sap software40,500$3.93
46open source software40,500$2.75
47open-source software40,500$2.63
48animation software40,500$2.16
49from software40,500$1.67
50application software40,500$1.3
51kuta software40,500$1.05
52software data cable40,500$0.78
53dj software40,500$0.52
54nik software40,500$0.33
55download software40,500$0.18
56pc software40,500$0.16
57tableau software33,100$7.45
58software developer33,100$23.01
59ocr software33,100$2.26
60free photo editing software33,100$1.49
61editing software33,100$1.07
62ginger software33,100$0.78
63video editor software33,100$0.77
64recording software33,100$0.65
65webcam software33,100$0.54
66freeware software33,100$0.37
67hacker software33,100$0.15
68what is software33,100$0.12
69software development27,100$8.38
70backup software27,100$3.74
71presentation software27,100$3.07
72web design software27,100$2.87
73cad software27,100$2.16
74c a d software27,100$1.73
75blackberry desktop software27,100$1.25
76best free video editing software27,100$0.97
77apple software update27,100$0.87
78video editing software free27,100$0.79
79systems software27,100$0.73
80scs software27,100$0.72
81nch software27,100$0.59
82software companies22,200$7.83
83software ag22,200$6.31
84ultimate software22,200$4.73
85software architect22,200$4.57
86software a g22,200$3.61
87bmc software22,200$2.76
88graphic design software22,200$2.55
89screen capture software22,200$1.87
90kuta software infinite algebra 122,200$1.7
91home design software22,200$1.66
92screen recording software22,200$1.54
93vpn software22,200$1.4
94mind mapping software22,200$1.31
95free editing software22,200$1.12
96id software22,200$1.05
97best photo editing software22,200$0.76
98gopro software22,200$0.75
99torrent software22,200$0.36
100free software downloads22,200$0.33

We designed this type of post not only to let users find keywords but to deliver key insights for each keyword so that users, like you, will be able to make sense of what you get and get things done with them.

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